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The Pure Fun Soccer website is up:

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  1. Glad this project is moving ahead. I’m hoping you guys have great success with it.


    I don’t feel the website sells the game very well. I’m not trying to be harsh or whatever, as a fellow South African developer I really do want you to do well.

    In particular:
    The Icon you’ve got in the top left is a little weak by App Store standards. I don’t need to tell you how important that icon is (as the icon and the name of the game are your first point of introduction to almost all of your potential customers).

    I feel that the illustrations of the characters are the strongest imagery you have, I’d suggest to get that artist to do the icon (for the app store), something that captures the action of the game (like a flaming soccerball being kicked out of the border of the icon by one of his illustrated characters). I can’t stress enough how important the icon is.

    The “HOME”, “SUPPORT” and “CREDITS” buttons are kind of very 90s looking.

    The text for the features are really big and kind of floating, there is no background block to contain them.

    “They are the greatest soccer players in the universe and they will prove it any time, anywhere.” doesn’t exactly tell me why I should by the game as apposed to another IOS soccer game. I’m not against this text either, I like it’s exuberant appeal. But my understanding is that it is best practice for the first couple sentences on a game site to target journalists who want to write about the game. To clarify: your first sentences seems to sell the characters and world, not the game.

    I’d probably suggest the main image, the scene with the soccer players on the green field, be extended to the edges of the screen… or at least the way the image just ends be a bit refined… the content is floating a bit against the white background… I guess this is a crappy example: …The image in the middle sort of doesn’t just end (even though the site is otherwise kind of ugly)… Otherwise maybe you could replace the white background with a big image: So that the site seems to hold the image in place.

    I hope I’m not coming across as nasty. Also I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I hope that something I’ve written sparks your imagination.

    Sincerely, Evan Greenwood

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