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If Scott Glenn acted in an Aliens movie…

The Land of Memories

Earlier this year (March to be exact) I had a strong desire to make a short film. I thought of a few possible ideas, and The Land of Memories is one of them. The idea is that it’s a short film, which is a trailer for a full length movie (that doesn’t exist).

Starts with a 15 years old girl, Mary sitting in her room, looking out the window. We hear a voice over of a doctor and Mary’s parents. The doctor tells Mary’s parents that Mary is suffering from a disease that is erasing her memories. Her mother asks if there is any cure. The doctor says he is afraid there is no cure. The camera pans towards the doorway and we see Mary’s five year old sister, Amy. Amy is standing in the doorway, holding a fluffy teddy bear. She looks uncertainly at Mary. Mary turns her head and smiles at Amy. Amy runs into the room, smiling. She goes to stand next to Mary. Mary looks at a photo on her desk. In the photo Mary is wearing a ballerina outfit. She frowns and picks up the photo. Amy says Mary is a very good dancer. Mary says she does not remember how to dance. Camera slowly zooms into Amy’s face. She has a look of sadness and wonder on her face.

Cut to Amy sitting on her grandmother’s lap, in a rocking chair in a living room. Amy asks her grandmother if Mary will forget everything. Her grandmother says she is not sure. Amy asks if Mary will forget she is her sister. The grandmother says she will never forget that. Amy says she wants to help her sister remember how to dance. The grandmother tells her there is a magical world called the Land of Memories. Everyone’s memories come alive and live happily in the LOM. Grandmother says that if Amy could go to the LOM, she could find Mary’s memories and bring it back with her. Amy is excited and asks how she will be able to get to LOM. Grandmother tells her she has to find a colourful and friendly creature called the Glopher, who will be able to take her to LOM. Grandmother says Amy can lure the Glopher by painting strawberries in rainbow colours. That is a Glopher’s favourite meal.

Cut to Amy walking down a passage in their home. It is night time. She is dragging a small blanket and has a colourful torch. Amy has a curious look on her face. In the background we hear someone going through the contents of a refrigerator. Amy is walking towards the kitchen. In the kitchen the fridge door is open and there is a shadow cast on the floor. Someone is standing in front of the open fridge, but we do not see who it is, because the door is blocking the view. Amy asks who is there. The person stops moving. Amy walks around the door and looks at the person standing there. We do not yet see who it is. Close up of Amy’s face. Colourful lights are dancing across her face. Camera turns towards the Glopher standing in the doorway of the fridge. He is the same height as Amy. He is a colourful, furry creature. The fridge light bounces off him, creating the colourful lights we saw on Amy’s face. He has a handful of colourful strawberries. There are more strawberries in the fridge behind him. Amy’s eyes go wide. She says that he is a Glopher. The Glopher says she is spot on and he is at her service. He says he knows exactly what she wants.

Cut to Amy and the Glopher standing in front of a wall at the end of a wide, empty alley. Daytime. On the wall there is a colourful painting of a door. The door has a knob and a keyhole. The Glopher pulls a key from under his fur. He puts the key into the door and turns it. He looks at Amy and asks if she is ready. She says yes. He opens the door. As the door opens, bright yellow light comes out of the doorway. We do not see what is behind the doorway, only bright light. The light intensifies and fills the whole screen.

End of the trailer.

Universal Soldier: The Return

I recently watched Universal Soldier: The Return for the first time. The final fight between Luc Deveraux and S.E.T.H. was SPECTACULAR. In fact, it was perfect. The framing/compositions, lighting, special effects and fight choreography were brilliant. My hat goes off to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White (S.E.T.H.), the director Mic Rodgers, fight choreographer(s), special effects crew and everyone else that were involved. The scene had large glass panes and the reflections in the glass and the perfectly timed explosions were perfect The planning and execution involved with this scene were brilliant.

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