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Intro Story for Ami Titan

A mockup for the intro story for the game, Ami Titan.

Here’s a transcript of the text in the image, for Google’s sake.

Almost all the animals are gone.

Two decades ago we tried to wipe out mosquitoes, but we ended up mutating them into a deadly species. They killed a tenth of the human population, and a third of the animals.

Our pollution took care of the rest of the animals.

These days you can buy artificial animals. There are even ones intelligent enough to talk.

Human genetic manipulation and cybernetic augmentations are commonplace. There are people who no longer look human. Some look like mutants, some like cyborgs, and some like… something else entirely.

My name is Ami Titan. I’m an AI programmer who works for the Infinite Abacus Corporation.

“What do you do?” People often ask when they meet you. As if your profession’s a summary of who you are. In my case it’s partially true, because AI is my passion.

It’s also what drew me to a strange news article.
“Daughter replaced by artificial duplicate – mother claims”
I contacted the mother, Helen and arranged a meeting.

Her “daughter”, Ruth was artificial, and the most advanced AI I have ever seen.

Distraught, Helen asked me to help find her real daughter. I told her I can try to find out where the AI came from. I made a copy of the AI’s system onto my handheld.

Hopefully IAC’s mainframe will be able to analyse the AI and determine its origin.

Part 1: Soulmates


Ami Titan

Ami Titan is a game I’m sloooowly working on in my free time.
I’m mainly busy with ideas and creating mockups.

You can find more mockups here:

Which girl is real and which is an artificial duplicate? Or are both artificial?

Mockup for a splash screen. (If I end up using the Corgi Engine.)

Mockup for a loading screen. The mosquito is part of the story.

Mockup for a log in screen.

(In case you were wondering, the password is: thepastis8bit)


More Pixel Mockups

Pixel mockup

Pixel art mockup for a game.

Test Graphics

Some test graphics for a game I would like to make (someday).
(Click for larger image.)

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