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Origin of ideas

Imaginary friend (IF): Where do you get ideas from?

Me (ME): Ideas can come from anywhere, and at any time.
Sometimes I see an interesting word or phrase and use it as a title for a story. The story then grows from the title. Even a simple title is full of possibilities.

Sometimes I think of a cool line of dialogue, then write the responding dialogue and soon it’s part of a conversation. What led to that conversation, and what happens after it?

I might also hear or see an interesting, intriguing or mysterious sentence. Or even an idiom. Once I was walking through a shopping centre, and while passing a restaurant I overheard one man saying to another, “I’ve never met your wife.” Why did he just say that? What’s the rest of the conversation about? I found it interesting. That sentence was the seed for a short comic about a hitman who utters it then kills a man in a restaurant. If I were to return to that character he would only kill married men. What’s his beef with married men? That’s another possible story.

Sometimes I imagine a scene and build a story around it. Or I might see something happening and turn it into a story. For example, you might see a kid running across the street chasing a tennis ball. Who or what threw that ball? What if it’s a creature’s egg? What’s going to happen if she doesn’t stop it before it reaches the other side of the street?
You might see someone climb a ladder to wash a window. What will that person see when they reach the top and look in through the window? A pair of unlikely lovers? A teenager talking to a ghost? There might be anything on the other side of that window.

Looking at the things I mentioned (above), it seems some of my stories are about answering interesting questions. At least, questions I find interesting. Some people might find it vomit-inducingly boring.

At times I think of an interesting character, usually there’s something different about them. Could be their looks, job, a habit or a disease. That character then forms the beginning of a story. Once I wondered what it’s like to have no sense of touch. Then did some research and wrote a short comic about a woman who can’t feel anything. She joined a super hero team because she can’t feel pain.

Dreams can also be inspirations for ideas. When I wake from an unusual or interesting dream, I usually write it on my phone. I had two related dreams a few days (or maybe a week or two) apart. In one dream I was walking through a city infested with worms, which were alien or supernatural. I watched in horror as the worms infected people and ate them from the inside out. Their bodies were riddled with holes and limbs were falling off. In the second dream I woke in bed to find my back infected with worms. I sat up, in the dream, pulling the worms out of my back. Those two dreams led to the opening scene for a comic book, in which a dinner party goes pear-shaped. The people were eating alien worms, but the worms came back to life inside the people and started eating them.

A few times I get ideas before falling asleep at night, or after waking up in the morning. I might wake at 3 AM and think of ideas while I wait for my brain to decide to fall asleep. So I keep my phone next to my bed and write down ideas on it. The phone’s useful because I can write any time, for example, while waiting for a bus.

I know some people write to explore moral or philosophical themes. Philip K. Dick was intrigued with the questions, “What is reality?” and “What is the authentic human?” Those were recurring themes in his writing.
A few times I’ve explored moral or philosophical themes. Many years ago I was obsessed with how society, collectively, is doing nothing to help starving kids (i.e. there should be no kids starving anywhere in the world). I asked questions like, “Isn’t that one of the most important problems we need to solve? Are starving children our collective sin?” And eventually I wondered if everyone is going to hell if that is true. It occupied my brain for days on end. I started writing a short, film script to explore those thoughts. That script evolved over many years until I completed it two years ago. The remains of the original thoughts were still there in the script, but far less prominent than when I started out. They became subtle and symbolic.

The subconscious can also sneak recurring ideas into your writing (or into other creative endeavours like painting). Recently I noticed a recurring scenario in my writing. There’s a scene where a character is standing in front of a basin or kitchen sink, and sometimes water is running out of the tap. And sometimes there’s a mirror. I thought to myself, “What’s up with that?” I came up with a possible answer, but don’t know if it’s true.
I started shaving when I was a teenager, so spent more time standing in front of a basin and mirror. And often the water was running. This probably led to me becoming more self aware. During that time I often thought about my life and identity. That’s kind of what a mirror will do to you. Staring at yourself and the windows to your soul. Since then it also started happening while I’m brushing my teeth. I would also stare at the running water and self reflect. So maybe my subconscious reasons, “If that’s a time you spend self reflecting, maybe that’s also when everyone else does it. So they’ll understand the character is self reflecting.”

So, as you can see, ideas can come from anywhere and at any time.

IF: I do see. So where did I come from? Why did you create me?

ME: I felt like writing about where I get ideas from, and since no one asked me to write it, I decided to create you to ask me. Hopefully it makes me seem less mad having someone ask me the question than me just writing about it out of the blue. I also thought a few people might find it useful or interesting.

IF: I think you’re lying. I think you wrote it because your ego wanted people to see where you get ideas from.

ME: You’re probably right. So I won’t argue about it. Sometimes, not always, you have to submit to what your ego wants. It’s part of the journey to inner peace.

IF: Whatever, Mr Fake Philosopher. So I guess I’ll cease to exist when this post ends?

ME: I can always call you back when I need you.

IF: Then I want a name. I need an identity so you won’t confuse me with the others.

ME: OK. What name do you want?

IF: Has to be cool. I’m thinking… Rex Maelstrom.

ME: Sounds good.

Rex Maelstrom (RM): Why did you choose that name for me?

ME: I didn’t. You did.

RM: Hmm. Goodbye then. Until next time.

ME: Cheers.

More Random Thoughts

Here are some more random thoughts. As with my previous post, most of these are dialogue ideas for some form of entertainment (e.g. comics, games, films, short stories, books, etc.).

When you pee into someone’s drinking water, you create the probability that you are going to drink it.

The less you want the more you have, and the more you want the less you have.

Relax, the world hasn’t ended. There are still children eating ice cream and children starving.

There’s nothing wrong with having sexual desires or creating sexy characters. The problem is that too many creators do not keep it separate from their professional work.

The minimum price for freedom is responsibility. Even with creative freedom. You have to create responsibly, and take responsibility for what you create.

A: A good teacher should always be a student. Eager to learn and excited to be proven wrong.
B: Screw that. I know everything and hate it when people try to prove me wrong.

When you do something good or bad, the pendulum swings away from you. When it returns it will either knock an obstacle out of you path, or knock your head off.

A: What happened to your passion for your art?
B: It died in the trenches during the never-ending war of paying bills.

I realised most of the things I complained about were direct or indirect results of choices I made. Essentially I was complaining about my choices. So I stopped complaining.
For example, if I complained about work, I was actually complaining about the consequences of my choice to do the work. So I was really complaining about my choice, not about the work.

There will always be wars as long as people don’t have inner peace.

Your defeat is only as big as your ego.

If stupidity was solid, you’d be bulletproof.
But it’s not.

There’s an infinite number of coincidences. We only notice the ones that have relevance to us.

(A cop tries to save someone who borrowed money from a loan shark.)
Loan shark: If you save a moth from a spider’s web then the spider will starve.

If this entire planet was made out of shit, you’d be the worst piece of shit.

Every war begins with someone’s greed. Usually a politician’s.

A: I heard a rumour our captain’s looking for a navigator.
B: Our ship has at least a dozen people who can use the navigation computer. Why does she need a navigator?
A: Maybe we’re going to an uncharted region of space.

You are a prisoner and your own jailer.

Then it hit me like the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Poverty and extreme wealth can both leave a mark on you.

(Points to chest, then points to rest of the world.)
When you’ve got what you need in here, then there’s not much you need out there.

You can choose to be a blade of grass that bends with every wind, huddled among all the other grass.
Or you can choose to be a tall, powerful tree.

My humour is a lonely humour.
Nobody laughs at my jokes.

A: The most difficult thing I’ve had to do in my life was to accept that the world in my mind is different from the real world.
A: You mean you had to accept you loco?
A: Yes. I suppose so. Pass the tea.

Random Thoughts

Below are some random thoughts.
Most of these are ideas for dialogue to be used in some form of entertainment.

It’s time to wake the titan.

A: How do you feel?
B: Like a porous sail tied to a ship.
A: Say what?
B: Useless. I feel useless.

If a stranger told you the world’s gonna end in seven days, would you believe him?

When the fairy tale ends, the protagonists are supposed to be suspended in eternal happiness.

A: Do you really think she’s going to kill her own father?
B: Crazier shit has happened.

Do you think you are the only creatures in this land?

The coin has been flipped and the decision has been made.

I’m slowly learning to cope with incompetent people.
One of the steps is to remove myself from their radius of influence.

Hope is a disease which infects those who do not want to face reality.

(When asked to intervene between a couple arguing.)
If you walk across a battlefield you risk getting shot.

She’s further away from you than the stars in the sky.

Point out a mistake with a mistake.

I’m a killer not a fighter.

Why are there so many problems in life?
Why can’t things just be simple?

And he wonders, “What’s the point of it all?”

There’s no rule in the universe that states you have to love someone that loves you.

No one is 100 percent sane.

Tomorrow is on its way.

Everybody wants to leave their toe prints in the sands of time.

By deciding not to conform, you are conforming to those who do not conform.

(Before taking shooter of alcohol.)
Here’s to nothing.

My flaws are starting to piss me off.

For those who believe you need money to create, remember, money was also created.

I’m outrunning my fears. If I slow down then they will catch up to me.

When I was born the universe gave me a letter.
It read:
“We regret to inform you, but your application for being normal has been declined.
Enjoy your life.”

Tagline: The cost of absolute freedom is unimaginable.

It’s all part of my ever evolving plan.

Imagine if cinemas had time displacement projectors.
You can go watch a movie at any time.
A hundred people may be sitting in the same cinema, each watching the same movie, but at different times in the movie.

Some people believe that if someone does something wrong then you should leave them because karma will get them.
Well, the thing is, you are part of the universe. Therefore you are part of karma.
If someone does something wrong, punish them.
You are the karma that will restore the balance.

Book title: How to kill people

If you treat your girlfriend like a queen then you put yourself in the role of a servant.
A queen doesn’t want a servant. She wants a king.
In any relationship, it is usually unhealthy for one person to give the other person everything they want.
Sometimes you have to say “no”, for both your sakes.

My contact lenses are a mask I wear.

In our society, politicians are the tools of the wealthy.
In the future when computers are extremely advanced then the wealthy will use computer systems to control a country.
Therefore politicians will become extinct.

Most accidents happen within 1 KM of an idiot.

The dice is still rolling.

An academic or self-proclaimed philosopher might tell you the meaning of life.
But it’s so subjective. So personal. That the lowest of low human has already experienced it, without having to consciously define it.

A: Why?
B: Because there is no reason.

On the other side of the planet a mountain lion slips and breaks its neck.

I hope you’re not allergic to bullets.

My mind is misaligned with reality.
A rubber band tries to align it.
Sometimes the band stretches far, and I wonder how long before it breaks.

I realised something today.
I’m unhappy, not because of the situations I’m in.
But because I believe I’m not strong enough to deal with them.
Not strong enough to change them.

Let me tell you a story.
A woman moved in with her boyfriend.
After a while the tension of living together got too much, and one morning they had a terrible argument.
The man stormed off to work.
The woman was about to leave for work when she realised her boyfriend forgot to feed his dog.
For a moment she didn’t want to feed the dog, because she was so angry.
Then she decided to feed the dog, because she didn’t want her anger to cloud her humanity.

A: You’re pretty wise.
B: Wisdom is overrated. Even a mouse uses wisdom to survive.
A: I disagree. Wisdom is having worldly knowledge, which a mouse does not have.
B: A mouse’s world is smaller than ours.

One of the steps towards gender equality is that men will have to do half the cooking and cleaning.

My revenge is patient.
It is without emotion.
It is calm.
And absolute.

Reality is a prison.
Imagination is a temporary escape.
That’s why entertainment is such a big industry.

Human nature is like water. Our laws are the bottle in which the water is kept. Bad deeds are gravity.
Make a hole in the bottle and the water will run out.

I’m just another punk trying to make ends meet.

Every day my dreams tug on my one sleeve while failure wipes its ass on my other sleeve.

Every rule is a thread.
Put all the rules together and they form a net around you.
A prison.

A: Are you going to drink tonight?
B: That’s always a possibility.

A: Where is he?
B: He’s in la-la land.

A: That’s probably a bad idea.
B: Relax, the world is full of bad ideas.

I’m guessing there’s going to be some necessary violence?

Social media is a way for some people to say, “Look at me, I exist.”

Character has flashbacks.
In the flashbacks the other characters’ faces are different than they really are.

Life is the energy that wants to experience the universe.
It created DNA so that it can have senses.
In other parts of the universe there may not be the resources to create DNA, so life will take other forms.

A: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
B: Does it involve your wife and whip cream?
A: No.
B: Then we’re not thinking about the same thing.

It’s easy to prove if a cup has water in it, you just look at the cup.
Trying to prove God exists is like replacing the cup with the entire universe.
The same goes for trying to prove God does not exist.

I’m fighting a constant war against my ego.
But it’s so personal, so subjective, I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing.

Judge me on the things I’ve done in the past.
But be open to the idea that I have and can change.

She’s the kind to jump into the deep end with both feet.

What good is a creator who creates worthless things?

(Alarm clock goes off in the morning.)
The grey hell beckons.
Darkness must answer.

A: What’s wrong?
B: Everything.

The truth is like a brick wall.
Sooner or later you will run into it.

The mortality clock ticks like a motherfucker.

Every step is less naive than the previous one.

A: How do you feel?
B: Like a wave breaking on rocks.

Sometimes when someone offers you something it’s so they can feel appreciated.
You should take it, even if you don’t need it.

The universe likes to punish responsible people who have a lapse in responsibility.

I question whether her ego still falls within the safe parameters of sanity.

There’s enough negativity in this world to drown the Kraken.

Woe betide anyone who fucks with me.

We live in an age where one of the biggest motivators is to pay bills.

Today’s worries are tomorrow’s forgotten memories.

I’ll cut a swath through all obstacles.

Fists speak louder than words.

History is written by the murderers.

Sometimes it seems the universe spends a lot of time planning on how to make you suffer.

When you’re trapped in a pit the last thing you’ll think about are the beautiful carvings on the walls.

Maybe by some miracle pulled from the centre of hell.

It may seem like a complex problem, but it’s actually a simple problem.
We kill one at a time until they are all dead.

Love is not as sacred as fiction makes it out to be.

The person you truly are is the one you are on the day you die.
Maybe that’s who you take into the afterlife.
If you die today, are you happy with who you are?

A: You think you better than us?
B: No. I’ll tell you the truth. I’m at the bottom, lying on the ground. The heel of my enemy is crushing my throat.

A: Someone once told me, “You can fall in love with the wrong person.”
B: Love can be a, fickle thing. Unless, unless it’s a mother’s love. A child, well, a child’s part of a mother. Always will be.

I’m not above getting wet in the rain.

I’m horny past the point of no return.

I’m so horny it’s magical.

You fucking onion chopper.

A: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?
B: I haven’t done it yet. I’m still preparing myself for it.

The minority pay the majority of taxes.
The majority selects the “leaders”.
The “leaders” steal the taxes.

Television is a terrible thing.
It’s a much-loved tool that controls people.

Prisons are built to hold those who abused their freedom.

(After winning a fight.)
And that’s how you make tea!

A: There’s too many of them!
B: It’s ok. I’ve got enough fists to go around.

I’ll dig that grave when I get there.

Old habits are bullet proof.

A: You feeling at home yet?
B: Like a demon in hell.

You’re like a rotten apple. You’ll infect the others.

A: Why not just get a machine gun and shoot him?
B: Because then life would be less interesting.

It makes my shit curdle.

A: Why didn’t you tell her the truth about her father?
B: Children should have good memories about their parents.

I feel like a rat stuck in mud.

Life is a war you can not win.

Sometimes the best thing for a person is not the thing they want.

Self-doubt can be the fire that keeps you warm on dark nights.
If you don’t doubt once in a while then it means you are complacent.

Every problem is an opportunity to learn how to solve it.

The universe presents us with obstacles to test how determined we are to succeed.

If you and I were married, this would be a divorce.

Right now I feel like I don’t have much control over my life, due to financial constraints.
Like a twig floating down a river towards the ocean, where a shark is waiting to use me as a toothpick.

I heard about a woman who married twins.

One day I took my ego into the desert and I told it, “If you try to control me I will kick your ass.”
My ego replied, “Try it.”
So we fought and it ended in a draw.
Now we are equal partners.

It’s time to wake the gods.

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