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Love Dodge

Pure Fun Games website has been updated with screenshots for a new game I’ve been working on, Love Dodge.

Love Dodge will be available on iOS within the next few weeks.

Love Dodge

Love Dodge

Love Dodge

Love Dodge

Love Dodge

Love Dodge

PFS: Website

The Pure Fun Soccer website is up:

Undercurrent Liberty

Last year at Luma we were asked to submit ideas for “5 seconds of awesomeness” to be included in Luma’s showreel. The final product had to be an animated sequence at least 5 seconds long, and it had to be AWESOME!

I submitted an idea, “Undercurrent Liberty” for an animation which combines live footage and computer graphics.

What is it?
The 5 second video is the intro sequence of a fictional website, “Undercurrent Liberty”. The website publishes political news articles. The video is a combination of live footage and computer generated images.

The scene takes place after world war 3. The world is in ruins with all the cities and towns destroyed by nuclear war. The air is constantly filled with drifting ash. Humans are starving to death, because there are no more animals, and crops stopped growing.

The video sequence
There is only one person in the video. He has just put on a black suit which he found in a suitcase, in the ruins of a building. His hands and face are dirty. There are ash particles on his hair. Starvation and struggle are evident on his grim face. He has hope in his eyes, because he found the suit. In the foreground small ash particles are drifting down, which continue throughout the video.

The video starts with a close-up of his hands and chest, as he is buttoning up the jacket’s last button at the top. He finishes the last button then the camera starts pulling back. He lowers his arms to his sides. Slowly we see his shoulders and then his head. The background is initially blurry.

As the camera pulls back more, the background becomes clearer. The background is black text on a white background. The text is constantly changing to random characters. The man is moved towards the left side of the screen as the camera pulls back.

The camera stops moving backwards when the top-half of the man is fully visible. The jacket has four buttons which are clearly visible. We now see that the background is a website. The website looks like an old newspaper. The background is very grainy, but the text characters are clear enough to be recognisable.

At the very top of the website is an advertisement for property. The advert displays a large run-down block of flats. The price of the property is seven digits, and it is constantly rising. There are small traces of movement in the advert. It looks like time is passing by.

Beneath the advert is the website’s heading “Undercurrent Liberty”. The man’s head is on the left side of the heading. Beneath the heading, and filling the rest of the website, is an article. The article’s text is constantly changing to random characters.

The man starts fading out, except for his jacket’s buttons. His head is gradually replaced by the website’s logo. The man fades out completely. His buttons remain. A word is beneath each button. The words from top to bottom are “Home”, “About”, “Archives” and “Contact”.

Visual references
The movie “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, for its war-torn society, grainy look and despair.
The movie “Children of men”, for its overwhelming feeling of depression and despair.

Audio reference
The main theme from the movie “Memento”, for its feeling of calm, accepted sadness.


Storyboard frame 1
Start with close-up of man fastening the top button of his jacket. In the foreground there is ash constantly falling throughout the entire video.
Storyboard frame 2
He lowers his hands when he is done with the button, and the camera starts to pull backwards.
Storyboard frame 3
He is moved towards the left side of the screen. We see the website in the background, initially blurred. It gradually becomes focused. The text in the background is constantly changing to random characters.
Storyboard frame 4
Camera stops when the man’s upper body is visible. Background is almost completely focused. An advertisement for property is at the top of the website.
Storyboard frame 5
The man starts to fade out, except for his buttons. Beneath each button a word is visible behind the man. Behind his fading head we see the website’s logo.
Storyboard frame 6
The man is completely faded away, except for his buttons. The background is now fully focused.

The website logo

Mock-up logo
The website’s logo is a bird drowning in a glass container filled with water.

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