Simple Soccer Football Kit

Simple Soccer Football Kit is a Unity asset that makes it easy for you to create soccer games. It is primarily aimed at simple, action soccer games.

You can buy the kit here:

You can play the demos here:

You can find more info in the discussions about the kit on the Unity forum thread:


Easy to modify/add:

  • Teams. The kit has 8 teams, and the number can be increased (or decreased).
  • Players. Numerous player properties are available to edit.
  • Playing fields.
  • Soccer balls. There are 3 balls available: white soccer ball, bowling ball, beach ball.
  • It is also easy to replace the existing art assets with your own.
  • Also:

  • Works on desktop, web and mobile.
  • Support for 2 players (not on mobile).
  • Various input methods (e.g. keyboard, mouse, gamepad, accelerometer, touch), and easy to add new ones.
  • 2 types of tournaments: Log based (e.g. leagues) and single-elimination.

  • How to setup the kit
    Please check the manual for setup instructions and upgrade guidelines:

    SECTOR #6

    SECTOR #6 is available on Indie Comics SA!

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page for launch events and availability in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    Sector 06

    A dream about zombies

    Last night I dreamt I was having an argument with a zombie. She thought it was OK to kill people and turn them into zombies, because they would still be alive, just a different life. I argued it’s not about being alive or undead, it’s about choosing which life you want to live. If you make them undead against their will, then you take away their freedom to choose.

    The dream started with me on a train and then some zombies got on the train. I got off and walked to a human settlement. When I got to the settlement I sat down, took off my shoes, and shook sand out of my shoes and socks. A few zombies came to the settlement looking for me. They wanted me to give them a tour of the settlement. So I took them on a tour.
    I showed them a circus tent that was being dismantled and told them that they missed the circus, but they can catch it some other day. As we continued on the walk, a zombie killed 2 people and I shouted at him to stop killing. He killed them by simply touching their bare skin with his hand. He was very nonchalant about it. That’s when I started having the argument with the other zombie.
    In the end she seemed to agreed with me, but I wasn’t sure.

    The argument in the dream sounded familiar. Maybe I saw a zombie movie which had a similar argument, or a movie about bringing people back from the dead against their will.

    Guideline process for writing your comic book script

    I wrote an article for Indie Comics SA about the process for writing a comic book script.

    It contains a guideline process that focuses on converting your story into a comic book script. It is aimed at anyone who is interested in writing a comic script.


    SECTOR #5

    SECTOR #5 is available on Indie Comics SA!

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page for launch events and availability in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    Sector 5

    Indie Comics SA

    Indie Comics SA is an online store that specialises in South African comic books and related merchandise.

    And I am happy to announce that I recently joined the team that runs the website :)

    Our goal is to provide quality South African comic books and related merchandise to local and international comic book readers and retailers through our one-stop online store.

    If you know any SA creators who have a printed comic book or merchandise, please send them our way.

    Indie Comics SA

    Digger: a Quest for Hidden Gems

    I worked on a fun game, Digger: a Quest for Hidden Gems.

    It is based on the popular match 3 games. The player has to match blocks to clear a path for Lily to explore the underground areas to find gems and items.

    It is available on the following devices:


    Windows Phone

    Official website:



    SECTOR #4

    SECTOR #4 will be available at UCON from 5-6 Dec in Cape Town.
    Issue 1 to 3 will also be available and some of the creators will be there to sign copies.

    Sector 4

    SECTOR at the rAge expo (9-11 Oct)

    SECTOR Comics will be at the rAge expo this weekend in Johannesburg, 9-11 Oct. Find us at the Legion Ink Artist Alley.

    SECTOR Comics

    SECTOR #3

    SECTOR #3 will launch at Open Book Comic Fest in Cape Town on 12-13 September 2015.
    Issue 1 & 2 will also be available. Some of the creators will be there to sign copies.


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