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13th Jun 2019 / Comics

An 8-page sci-fi comic book script. Sum Of Three

19th May 2019 / Comics

An 8-page horror comic book script. The story takes place in the same universe as the short story “Rain Check”…

26th Nov 2018 / Films

A 10-page film script. Matriphagy

30th Sep 2018 / Comics

A 4-page horror comic book script. Rain Check

3rd Jun 2018 / Comics

A 1-page comic book script. The Spider and the Dandelion

28th Mar 2018 / Comics

A 7-page comic book script. Entropy Calling   The header image is from the painting “Starry Night Over the Rhône”…

18th Mar 2018 / Comics
23rd Dec 2017 / Comics