TuDee is a tile-based map editor I made a few years ago and it is now available for free. Download it here:

Operating system required: Windows

Features include:

  • Tile sets
  • Maps
  • Layers
  • Entities (e.g. sprites, power-ups, triggers)
  • Paths (linear and Bezier curves)
  • Mosaics (groups of tiles)
  • Custom variables (for tile sets, maps, layers, entities and paths)
  • DLL-based exporter (you can write your own exporter, see the example exporter project included with the install)
  • Flexible XML exporter (select data to export)
  • A module for loading and drawing a TDX map in Monkey
  • Flexible binary exporter (select data to export)
  • Binary Map importer
  • Project files are binary or XML
  • A software and an OpenGL version

  • Games that used TuDee:

    The Adventures of Gi (ICE Green Games, 2012)
    The Harvest (Luma Arcade, 2010)
    UJ Graduation (Luma Arcade, 2009)
    Mechanics Touch (Orange Pixel, 2009)
    Astros Incredible Space Race (Luma Arcade, 2009)
    The Ultimate Grand Prix Drive (Luma Arcade, 2008)
    Nokia Navigate Around Town (Luma Arcade, 2008)
    TimeCops (Orange Pixel, 2008)
    MINI#37 (Luma Arcade, 2007)

    TDX file format (TuDee XML)

    TuDee has a flexible XML exporter that allows you to select which data to export.
    Find out more here: http://www.diorgo.com/v1/?p=379

    Screen shots of TuDee:


    Numbers or collision can be given to each grid block.

    The following screen shots use images created by Daniel Cook (http://www.lostgarden.com/).

    A cute world.

    The grid.

    Some paths and triggers.

    20 Responses to “TuDee”

    1. SpaceAce says:

      I first came across TuDee somewhere in the middle of 2008. I thought it was probably the best overall 2d tile editor I’d ever seen at the time. I would have bought it, immediately, but it was missing one or two features that I felt were important, and it never seemed to be under active development or actively supported. The file was just sitting on the Gojo Entertainment download page, with no comments, no updates, no action of any kind. There weren’t even any forums, as far as I could tell, and I was afraid TuDee might just be another piece of abandonware.

      I got to this page through a Google search trying to locate TuDee, since it seems to have disappeared from the Gojo site. Having downloaded it and spent a few minutes playing with it, again, I _still_ think it’s one of the best 2d tile editors I have ever used, and I have used every single one I can find. I honestly believe that TuDee just needed a little push and it could have become a widely-used standard. Just some forums, some interaction with the developer(s) (apparently, that’s you), a willingness to update or add features, and maybe just a single exporter and library for any of the popular languages of the time (C#, any of the Blitz hobby languages, Flash, etc).

      I think it’s awesome that you have released TuDee for free, but I would _gladly_ pay for this program if it went back into development, and I would gladly pay again for an exporter and library for one or more of the languages I work in. Seriously, this is a fantastic product with the potential to dominate the 2d map editor market with a handful of changes and a little support in the export/library area.

      ANyway, sorry if this seems like it’s more complain than compliment, because it isn’t meant to be. I think TuDee is fantastic, and I think it’s awesome that you’ve released it for free. If you don’t plan to ever develop it further, perhaps you could consider opening the source, or selling it to someone who will continue its development.

      • Diorgo says:

        Hi SpaceAce

        Thanks for the compliments :)

        I plan on updating TuDee as time permits. I usually find myself adding/fixing it as I use it.
        Please send me an email about the features you have in mind, and details about the exporters/libraries.
        My email is diorgo@gmail.com

        Yes, I should have done more to market TuDee.

        • SpaceAce says:

          I will send you an email, but off the top of my head, I only remember one or two of the things I wanted to see added to the program. At one point, I actually had a small list, but I wasn’t really sure who to go to with it, due to the things I mentioned in my previous comment.

          As for the exporters and libraries, it would just be nice to see one complete solution, ready to go out of the box. I will send some links and details about that in the email, as well.

        • SpaceAce says:

          Hi, we somehow lost touch after exchanging a few emails about TuDee. I am curious if you ever made any changes. As Monkey (meta language from Blitz Research) becomes more stable and robust, I start thinking about map editors, again. TuDee is always first on my mind.

        • SpaceAce says:

          Oh, wow, I just found the Monkey exporter! Did you make that, yourself? I guess I probably mentioned Monkey in our email exchanges. Did you inform the community? I bet the Monkey community would embrace an awesome tool like TuDee if TuDee made an effort to support Monkey.

          • Diorgo says:

            Yes, I wrote the module for Monkey. It loads the Tudee TDX file format (xml).
            I could not post on the Monkey forums, because I don’t own the full version of Monkey.
            Piddlepup did a post on the forums.
            The Monkey module still needs additional work. Currently it only supports the tile map (no entities/sprites yet).
            Send me any suggestions for the module.
            And feel free to post about it on the Monkey forums :)

    2. guest says:

      Looks nice but as I see theres only Windows version. Will you publish sources of this app someday? We could port it to Qt then and make it available for all platforms :)

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    4. Nicholas Manuel says:

      Is it possible to create a Bosconian clone with this tool?

      • Diorgo says:

        It is possible to use it to build the levels for a Bosconian clone.
        You would then need to export the levels to a format your game engine can read (e.g. XML).

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    6. Jonathan Brown says:

      LMAO I would love to get my hands on the code, I’d convert it and have a version that would run on android phone and tablets. LOL

      Excellent job you did on this program by the way, it really is a brilliant application.

    7. Unity3D Tips says:

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    8. Mike Garcia says:

      Great editor.
      Just wanted to say that it installs and runs perfectly in linux with wine :)
      I’m looking at using it for a simple block 3d world.
      Thanks again!

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