TuDee, Monkey and Diddy

TuDee now has a module for loading and drawing a map in Monkey. Get the latest version here:

The module, tudeetdx requires the Diddy module. It loads a TDX (TuDee XML) file which is exported from TuDee with the TDX exporter.

It can load a TDX file which contains a single map or multiple maps.

The module and an example of how to use it, are installed in the folder “Examples\Tdx\Monkey”.

Please post any questions, comments, suggestions and bugs here.

Find out more about the TDX exporter here:

4 Responses to “TuDee, Monkey and Diddy”

  1. Piddlepup says:

    Nice job on this. Thanks for making it compatible with Monkey. I can’t wait to try it out. Do you have plans on announcing it on the Monkey forums? I can’t find any posts about it yet. Thanks again.

    • Diorgo says:

      Thanks :)
      Unfortunately I cannot post it on the Monkey forums, because I only have the demo version of Monkey. (You need the full version to complete registration on the forums.)
      If you are on the forums, then I would appreciate it if you can mention it.

  2. Piddlepup says:

    No problem. I’ll take care of posting it for you.

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