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13th March 2024 / Games
2nd September 2021 / Games

Simple Flight Controller is now free.You can download it here:Simple Flight Controller

30th August 2021 / Games

A game made for the Physics Jam 2021.

5th May 2021 / Games

I’ve added a world cup tournament to Simple Soccer Football Kit (v1.0.3). You can download it here:

7th April 2021 / Games

Simple Soccer Football Kit is now free.You can download it here:Simple Soccer Football Kit

9th February 2020 / Games
9th February 2020 / Blog
13th June 2019 / Comics

An 8-page sci-fi comic book script. Sum Of Three

19th May 2019 / Comics

An 8-page horror comic book script. The story takes place in the same universe as the short story “Rain Check”…

26th November 2018 / Films

A 10-page film script. Matriphagy