TuDee is a tile-based map editor which can be downloaded for free.

Download Link:

TuDee (tilemap editor)

Please note: TuDee is no longer in development.


Features include:

  • Tile sets
  • Maps
  • Layers
  • Entities (e.g. sprites, power-ups, triggers)
  • Paths (linear and Bezier curves)
  • Mosaics (groups of tiles)
  • Custom variables (for tile sets, maps, layers, entities and paths)
  • DLL-based exporter (you can write your own exporter, see the example exporter project included with the install)
  • Flexible XML exporter (select data to export)
  • A module for loading and drawing a TDX map in Monkey
  • Flexible binary exporter (select data to export)
  • Binary Map importer
  • Project files are binary or XML
  • A software and an OpenGL version

Screen shots

TuDee 01

Numbers or collision can be given to each grid block.

The following screen shots use images created by Daniel Cook https://lostgarden.home.blog/

A cute world.

The grid.

Some paths and triggers.

Monkey and Diddy

TuDee has a module for loading and drawing a map in Monkey.

The module, tudeetdx requires the Diddy module. It loads a TDX (TuDee XML) file which is exported from TuDee with the TDX exporter.

It can load a TDX file which contains a single map or multiple maps.

The module and an example of how to use it, are installed in the folder “Examples\Tdx\Monkey”.